Worst Types of Injuries From a Car Accident in Dalton, Georgia

Worst Types of Injuries From a Car Accident in Dalton, Georgia

As the eighth most populated US state, Georgia sees its fair share of car accidents and crashes. The latest data shows Georgia in the top ten states with the most fatal car accidents, right behind Texas, California, and Florida. Roughly 10.6% of drivers in The Peach State have an at-fault accident on record, a full 20% higher than the national average. The city with the highest rate of car accidents in the US is Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with 24.9 accidents per year per 100,000 vehicles.

Of course, the causes of those accidents remain constant: distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, and other traffic violations such as running a red light.  

Severe Car Crash Injuries

Most people are familiar with whiplash after an accident. Even with a seatbelt, the head isn’t constrained and can be violently whipped around in the impact, hence the name. A Whiplash can lead to neck and head pain, concussion, and tendon, and nerve damage. But whiplash is not the most serious injury from a car accident. Some can leave you with lifelong damage and permanent disability.

  • (TBI) caused by a sudden jolt to the brain, usually by the head striking a hard object. Concussion is a milder form of TBI. Immediate treatment is vital to recovery.
  • Facial injuries — we are identified by our faces and any injury can change how we look. Eye injuries are also possible, with the potential for blindness.
  • The spinal cord, back, and neck injuries — the complexity of the spine can radically alter the quality of life after an accident. Injuries to the back and neck can leave a person unable to walk and impact many body functions.
  • Internal organ damage — these are usually punctures from a fractured rib and need immediate attention to stem internal bleeding, which can be deadly.
  • Burns — Exposure to fire or a heated metal component can lead to intense chronic pain, damage to all layers of skin, nerve damage, and disfigurement.
  • Emotional injuries, such as PTSD — Even without physical injuries, an accident victim may experience fear, anxiety, or other post-traumatic effects that limit their abilities to function.

Any of these injuries can leave you unable to function or work, possibly for the rest of your life.

Car Accident Attorney In Dalton, GA—Joshua J. Smith

Dalton car accident attorney Joshua J. Smith is committed to helping those who have suffered injuries. He understands the needs of people who are going through the difficulty of an accident and works to help his clients get the help they need so they can get back to life.

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