What Are Controlled Substances Under Georgia Law?

What Are Controlled Substances Under Georgia Law?

Controlled substances are things like medications, fertilizers, and other materials that have strict limitations on who can own them, buy them, possess them, and you can use them. When people discuss controlled substances, they are often talking about drugs. Every state, as well as the federal government of the United States, has its own laws regarding what is and is not a controlled substance.

In Georgia, you can be fined and/or arrested for possessing controlled substances illegally. When that happens, you can contact a Georgia controlled substances attorney to take on your case. Here is what you need to know about controlled substances under Georgia Law.

How Are Drugs Categorized?

Drugs are categorized into schedules, or lists, based on how likely they are to be misused. Schedule one is the most restricted and includes most of the illicit drugs like cocaine and heroin. Schedules two and three are less restricted, but you can still end up in legal trouble if you are caught with scheduled substances in the wrong situation.

What Controlled Substances Can You Be Arrested For?

Any controlled substance can get you arrested in the wrong circumstances. Some substances, like hard drugs, will get you arrested in every case since they are prohibited. Others can only be used in specific situations, and you can be arrested if you have or use them outside of those situations.

What Do I Do If I’m Arrested For Possessing Control Substances?

Being arrested on drug charges can have a substantial impact on your life. Felony charges can disqualify you from certain jobs. You are also likely to see considerable amounts of prison time included in the penalties.

If you are charged with drug possession, it’s important to have a good attorney represent you. A skilled attorney can minimize the impact of the charges or possibly have them dismissed. The only way to know for sure is to discuss your case with a Georgia drug charges defense attorney to get a better understanding of your case.

Contact a Georgia Drug Charges Defense Attorney

Before you do anything else, contact a drug charges defense attorney to discuss your case. At the law offices of Joshua J. Smith, Attorney at Law, we are dedicated to defending your rights in drug cases and getting the best outcome possible. Let us handle your case by calling us at (706) 217-2095 or filling out our contact form.


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