ALL consultations for personal injury cases are free and we make nothing unless you collect.

Joshua J. Smith has represented clients for over 20 years in claims for personal injury resulting from the negligent acts of others.  Clients come to our firm with claims of wrongful death, automobile collisions, motorcycle wrecks, boating and watercraft injuries, dog bites, sporting injuries, and many other varieties of issues.  Some of our largest recoveries for our clients have come in cases involving dog bites, wrongful death and serious automobile collisions involving DUI and/or distracted drivers on their cellphones. 


Joshua J. Smith is not afraid to take any case to trial.  This firm has tried cases ranging from simple battery and DUI to malice murder.  We go to great lengths to keep our clients informed about their pending cases, whether they are incarcerated or out on bond.  In preparing a case for trial, Joshua J. Smith seeks significant input from each client because the client has the biggest stake in the outcome.

Joshua J. Smith Attorney at Law believes that you are entitled to strong representation.

Let us take command of your legal situation. Call us at (706) 217-2095 or request a free legal consultation (for personal injury cases only).