Dalton Lawyer Helps Clients Injured at Work

Dalton Lawyer Helps Clients Injured at Work

Dalton, Georgia and the surrounding area has significant employment and along with work can unfortunately come work injuries. Joshua Smith is a local Dalton lawyer who helps folks injured on the job. Being injured at work can be minor or devastating. In some cases, a work-related injury may be covered by your company’s workers’ compensation insurance, but sometimes it does not cover all your expenses.

If you have been injured at the workplace, you may be entitled to financial compensation to cover extensive medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, long-term physical therapy, vocational retraining or permanent disability. In today’s blog, let’s talk about being injured at work and what you can expect in terms of help and compensation.

Dalton – The Carpet Capital of the World

Dalton is home to the largest carpet manufacturing companies in the US, employing more than 10,000 local hard-working residents. Because of this, Dalton is known as the “The Carpet Capital of the World!” As this industry took off in Dalton, the surrounding areas developed employment opportunities in the secondary market of outlet stores, retailers, and wholesales. Between Dalton, GA, and Chattanooga, TN, several top carpet manufacturers companies dominate employment, including Mohawk, Shaw, and Couristan. These companies manufacture most of the carpets installed in the US and half of the installed carpets throughout the world.

Given the volume of people employed in the carpet manufacturing industry locally, much of Attorney’s Smith’s work related injury cases often come from this field. Whether you work in the carpet mills, retail, hospitality, food service, the Dalton City School District, the City of Dalton or elsewhere, work-related injuries are always a possibility. At Joshua J. Smith Attorney at Law offices, we are very familiar with how to represent your interests and work to get you the compensation you need.

As an attorney in this area of personal injury, Attorney Smith recommends if you have been injured on the job to discuss your case with an attorney. Most personal injury attorneys will work on a contigency basis so you should not need to spend money to hire an attorney. It is always worth a few minutes of your time to at least discuss your injury with a personal injury lawyer, in case more can and should be done for you.

Georgia Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is an accident insurance policy that the state of Georgia requires most employers to carry for their employees. It makes sure that employers have money to compensate their injured employee for things like medical bills. Beginning when the accident is reported, it provides medical, rehabilitation, and income benefits for workers who are injured at work The intent is to help employees recover and return to work following an on-the-job injury. Workers’ Compensation also provides benefits to the worker’s dependents if a worker dies from a work-related injury.

Georgia state law requires employers that regularly have three or more employees to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance. Some employers choose not to carry Worker’s Compensation.

After an accident, the employee must seek immediate medical attention, notify their employer within 30 days, and file their claim within one year. Workers’ Compensation covers doctor visits and other needed medical treatment related to the accident. There may also be medical and vocational rehabilitation if needed. A catastrophic injury that prevents someone from working may lead to lifetime benefits.

Why You Might Need An Attorney

Workers’ Compensation is for injured workers to have easy access to a no-fault system that offers medical treatment and other benefits during recovery from a work-related accident.

Proving fault is not required. Workers who have Workers’ Compensation are prohibited from suing their employer. The benefit amount is based on the extent of your injuries and your income before the accident.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. You may be notified later that your Workers’ Compensation claim was denied. The insurer may claim you were injured outside of work, or your employer may claim you were at fault, terminating your benefits. You may have to return to work before you are ready. Fortunately, you can appeal.  

An employee may file a lawsuit if their employer does not carry Workers’ Compensation.

Independent contractors are not covered by Workers’ Compensation, so they can’t recover medical expenses. But independent contracted workers injured on a work site may be able to recover compensation for their injuries with a premises liability lawsuit.

If the fault is with a third party, a personal injury lawsuit is potentially another way to recover compensation. Negligent security, defective machinery, and other entities not related to an employer can be liable for on-the-job injuries for both employees and independent contracted workers.

For these kinds of claims, a Dalton personal injury lawyer, like attorney Joshua Smith, who understands Workers’ Compensation, personal injury, and premises liability can make things much easier. 

Call Attorney Joshua J. Smith If Injured At Work

As stated earlier, it doesn’t hurt to talk to a lawyer about your work related injury. As an experienced lawyer in this area since 2002, Joshua J. Smith has helped many people with legal guidance after they’ve experienced a work-related accident. When warranted, he can seek greater needed compensation.

Attorney Smith understands the difficulties victims face and how Georgia’s personal injury laws work. He will work to get the best settlement for his clients, whether in a work related accident, a car accident, or other types of accidents. He fights hard for all his clients and will fight hard for you.

If you’re in need of advice on a possible case, call Joshua J. Smith, Attorney at Law, at 706-217-2095 or send a message through our website’s contact form. We offer free consultations for work-related injuries and other personal injury cases.


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